How to upload videos on Youtube: (Step-by-step Process For Beginners)


Are you ready to make the jump from watching videos to uploading videos on Youtube? Well if you are, then stick around because I’m about to show you the step-by-step process on how to upload your first video to YouTube.

It is so super exciting that you have decided to get involved to become a YouTuber and in this article, we are going to show you exactly what you need to do to get that first video up so everybody can check it out on YouTube and this is a great start to get you on your way. Let’s get started.

For the purpose of this particular tutorial we are going to assume that:

  • You have a Google account. If not create one here.
  • You’re currently signed in to that Google account.

When you go to YouTube to upload your video, you will be required to sign in and if you’re signed into Google, it will just automatically associate with that particular account.

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Creating Your Youtube Channel.

There are a couple of different ways to upload a video to youtube but just to get a sense of what YouTube is and how its arranged, click on the round icon- the one just after the bell icon- and then click on my channel.

Alright, so when you try to go to your channel obviously you don’t have one because you haven’t created one yet so it’s going to ask you exactly what you want to use YouTube as.

Click create channel, in this case, we’re on a channel that has absolutely no content and if you click on YouTube Studio beta that is going to bring you to behind the scenes on your channel and it gives you kind of a little run-through about what’s going.

Uploading your first video.


This is the new interface for YouTube and behind the scenes which is called YouTube studio, they will actually prompt you straight forward instead of going through the traditional method of uploading the video. They’re actually giving you the link to get started and upload your video.

The very first thing that I highly recommend that you do is where it says public, you want to set that to “unlisted” because you don’t want to upload your video and just have it go public immediately.

Editing your video.

There are some kinds of stuff that you want to add to your video to make sure that it is seen by other people and that people know what it’s about including title and description.

At this point, we just need to select a video and actually upload it by dragging it over.

It also gives you an interface to add some information about your video so people know exactly what the video is about including the title and description.

Scrolling down, you will notice it’s currently working on analyzing the video to come up with a couple of thumbnails for the video.

One of the things that you’ll get as you become more comfortable with uploading videos is the idea of a custom thumbnail which means instead of letting them just take a screenshot from your video to display to people, you can actually upload something that’s custom, like a design that you create that gives a little more information or is a little more visual in terms of what your video is about.

The title is going to show people exactly what your video is about, so you want to create a title that interests people and gives some insight into what it is that you’re making your content about.

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Growing your channel.

As you progress there are a bunch of other cool tips, tricks and techniques that you can learn to grow and build your channel and get noticed on YouTube. Now depending on your particular topic obviously the information that you put in these fields which is frequently referred to as SEO which stands for search engine optimization.

It is also called Metadata. So, in this case, it’s information about your video, that’s why they call it metadata but as you have a specific topic for your video you will look for things like specific keywords that you want to use that help people identify your content. But for now, just get your first video uploaded to youtube.

The other thing is you want to do is to have the habit of creating playlists. In this case, there are no playlists as this is a brand new channel. But you will need to create a playlist depending on the type of content that you’re doing.

You also want to create categories within your channel for the types of videos so you can group them together and present them to people in a meaningful way that’s going to help them decide whether or not they want to see more of your content.

I hope you found this article on how to upload a video to Youtube helpful. Let me know in the comments below and if you have any follow-up questions I’ll be sure to answer them down there as well.

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