Foxxd Miro: The Ideal Budget smartphone under $100.


The Foxxd Miro is a low priced smartphone launched in June 2019 with lot of anticipation and hype for the device. If you’ve been following tech and gadget news, you would have come across a variety of leaks that have come out about the phone.

Now, this is by no means a high-end device, it is a lower-end smartphone with lower-end specifications and this is the first time that I’ve ever reviewed a phone from the Foxxd brand and I’m really looking forward to them potentially putting out more devices on other carriers in the future.


The Unboxing.

When you cut open the seal and get into the box, you are welcome with the device itself. But we’re going to put that aside for a second and see what else is included in the box.

In the box, we have a pretty thick micro USB cable for charging and data transfer, a Foxxd branded USB wall adapter, the Metro by T-mobile SIM card and we have a Foxxd Quick Start Guide.

The Quick Start Guide does feature a lot of details about the phone which is definitely good to see, if you are new to using an Android device or if you’re trying to troubleshoot something then you can always use the guide to get your answers.

Foxxd Miro Pricing.

Before we get into the full review of the Foxxd Miro, I want to mention the pricing for this device. The official price tag for the phone is $99.99 but it’s most likely that you will not be paying that full amount.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive device to buy then this might be a good option for you.

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The Foxxd Miro is a very tall phone, that’s one thing I noticed for sure. It features an 18:9 aspect ratio display coming in at 5.45 inches which makes it a pretty tall device but that’s not a bad thing by any means.

The 18:9 aspect ratio is taller than your standard 16:9 device so it is nice to see that this entry-level Foxxd Miro does have an 18:9 aspect ratio because that’s something that we hadn’t seen in budget phones up until recently.

Overall, just by using this device briefly, I’ve noticed it to be unique compared to many of the other lower-end Android smartphones out there.

The main reason definitely has to do with the large and tall display. The 5.45 inches is very tall for the display but in addition to that there’s no notch which you can tell of course by looking at the top and that makes the display feel even bigger.

We also have very large bezels on the top and bottom and the phone itself is actually pretty thick so that’s another thing I noticed.

It’s not the slimmest phone out there but it does feel nice and solid, it doesn’t feel like it bends or creaks when you hold it in your hand and overall it feels like a very solid and well-built handset but it’s really hard to compare it to any other Android phones in this budget price range.

Foxxd Miro doesn’t feel like an LG device or a Samsung device, it really feels like something of its own.


The camera of the Foxxd miro definitely seems kind of interesting here especially because of the face tracker. The face tracker has like a little mouth on it and it really does fall around my face.

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Typically, with budget phones in this price range, the front-facing camera doesn’t look as good and clear as this does. Of course, it doesn’t look fantastic and you’re not going to win any photography Awards with it but remember how cheap this phone is and I really feel like, for the price, you’re getting a pretty good front-facing camera.

I’m pretty confident about the cameras on the Foxxd Miro. I think the results are going be decent for what you’re paying but of course we’re gonna have to look at the final results to really judge that.

Under the camera settings, you can see there are a ton of different photography settings on this device so you can change things like the flash, GPS location, picture size, the picture quality, countdown timer, storage, continue a shot, so there’s a ton of different options here.

And of course we will go over all this in the full review but it looks like they really packed this camera app with a bunch of different features.

Again you have to remember that this is a very inexpensive entry-level smartphone.

Up top, we have a 5MP front-facing camera and the 8MP on the backside.

Storage and Processor.

The Foxxd Miro features 2GB of RAM and has a 1.1Ghz quad-core processor from Qualcomm. It has a 2450mAh power internal battery and runs Android 8.1 Oreo as the operating system.

It would have been nice to see this have Android 9 Pie at launch and hopefully later on Foxxd will update the device to Android 9 pie.

Now the backside of this device is plastic as you’d pretty much expect, we have a pretty large speaker on the backside, of course, there is the camera module and the Foxxd logo.

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Then on the top side, we have a noise-cancelling microphone and a 3.5mm headphone jack and then on the bottom, we have the microphone and micro USB port.

So overall the decently stylish Hardware material on the back doesn’t really absorb fingerprints either which is great to see but there is no fingerprint sensor on the Foxxd Miro smartphone which is kind of a disappointment but I suppose it’s one of the compromises that you have to make with the low price tag.

Personally, I think this is a pretty decent device for the price so far from my initial impressions again I really like the tall and thin form factor. It definitely makes it feel like a more expensive phone than it is.

Overall, it really does stand out from a lot of the lower-end devices that we’ve seen come out from other manufacturers such as LG and Samsung.


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