How to Capture, Edit and Post 3D Photos on Facebook.


Within the past few weeks, you might have noticed something strange when you were scrolling down your Facebook Timeline and saw a photo that almost jumped out at you and moved as you scroll by. Well nothing weird actually, it is a new feature that Facebook rolled out called 3D photos.

Now, we’re going to talk about not only how to enable it but how to get the best results when you’re using it on your smartphone. Let’s take a look at how exactly do we allow this feature on our Facebook accounts.


You need to open up your Facebook app. After that, what you need to do is go up to the search bar and type in Facebook 360. You may want to go ahead and click into their account.


From there, you have to click the like button on the page.  Whoever started this rumour or started this Easter Egg, it was for a good cause because they have almost two million likes on their Facebook page, but do click the like button on the page as explained earlier.


The second step to enable this feature on Facebook is going to be to post a 3D picture or 3D photo. To do that, you log in to your Facebook account and click “What’s on your mind” like you’re going to post a regular update on Facebook and go down to 3D photo. It is now going to show up with a bunch of the different portraits that you might have on your iPhone.

With that being said, you will only be able to use this 3D photo feature if you have portrait mode on your phone which comes with some of the newer iPhone models. So if you don’t have the newer models of iPhone, unfortunately at this time I don’t believe you’ll be able to use this feature.

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Now back to the tutorial, you need to go ahead and click, let’s say, for example, a beautiful breakfast pic that you had a couple of weeks ago. When you move your phone around you will notice that it has a little parallax effect and your phone is going to attempt to stitch the portrait mode picture and use the different data that’s in there to make it look like a 3D photo.


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You can now go ahead and click Next to post it like you regularly do. Now you are not actually going to post this on your page, but you are going to post it as “only me” and then click Share, and when you do that, it will go ahead and display as “Your username” at a 3D photo.

As you scroll down, it will go ahead and give you that effect that you’ve probably seen throughout your Facebook timeline with other people that are testing out this feature, and at the same time you can go ahead and move it around, and it shows like a 3D picture.


So that’s how you enable the feature within your Facebook app. But now I want to show you how you can get some of the best results with the pictures, so it looks the best in the 3D photos.

What exactly is happening here, and how do we get the best 3D effect with our portrait mode pictures? We’ll jump into that right now.

Now, you have to make sure that you have a portrait mode enabled smartphone and to do that you will need to have a newer version of the iPhones. If you have an Android, galaxy or whatever maybe, I’m not sure exactly how it’s going to work for you guys right now, sorry Android users.

But I’m going to show you how to get the best results out of your 3D pictures. You can take a picture of, let’s say, your sunglasses. You want to make sure whenever you’re taking a portrait photo; you have to be sure that the background is entirely distinguishable from the foreground of what you’re taking a picture of.

From here, you will see that once it has a portrait photo, all you need to do is snap that picture and you will see that obviously that there’s an excellent depth of field just because it has taken out that background.

The point here is making sure that the background is beautiful and blurry and then you can go ahead and take a selfie as well to have some fun with that, just making sure that you know the background is looking good and there you have it.

You are going to upload these the same way we did the first one. Go up to “what’s on your mind” like you’re posting something on your wall, go down to 3D photo and then pick the portrait photo that you just took or the one that’s already on your camera roll.

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You are going to post them to “only me” but of course put them as public, private or for certain people to look at depending on what you wanted to do.

We’ve talked about how to enable the 3D photo feature on your Facebook account and how to get the best results with the portrait mode on your iPhone. Let talk about how your device can achieve the result.


Let’s talk a little bit about the nerd talk, what exactly is happening in your iPhone and how is it able to give this 3D effect on your pictures.

First of all, we need to understand what exactly is happening when we take a portrait mode picture. Now, when this feature first came out people were saying you need to get this phone because it has this great camera and you can get this sweet super blurry background, and people thought it was the camera, but the portrait mode picture came as an update to one of the iPhones.

With that being said, it has nothing to do with the camera, but what’s happening is in the software.

What the iPhone is doing when you take a portrait picture, and you can see it live when you’re trying to make one is that it’s trying to figure out precisely what the subject is and then it is trying to blur out the background.

That is, it’s doing two different things instead of it happening in the camera, it’s happening within the software. That’s pretty much what’s happening.

So Facebook is, kind of, dissecting that portrait image and taking those different layers that it’s using and almost forming a prediction of what it thinks the outside and round of that object would look like. So that’s why you can tell when you use some of the 3D photos, and you look at them, you can see that you’re looking at the 3D parts of it.

It’s not always perfect. So with an iPhone, it does everything with the software, and on the phone, it does it after the fact when you take that picture.

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