Vivo V15 Pro VS Oppo F11 Pro: Which One Should You Buy?


The reason for comparison between the Oppo F11 pro and the Vivo V15 Pro is because they were released around the same time, they sell to the same market which is India first and in Southeast Asia after, they are priced around the same amount and they are obviously very similar in terms of overall power and the main selling point which is the pop-up selfie camera and they both have 48 megapixel main sensors on the back.

FeaturesOppo F11 ProVivo V15 pro
Display6.5″ (16.51 cm)6.39″ (16.23 cm)
Storage64 GB128 GB
Camera48 MP + 5 MP48MP + 8MP + 5MP
Battery4000 mAh3700 mAh
Ram6 GB6 GB
Launch DateĀ March 15, 2019 (Official)March 6, 2019 (Official)


If you follow smartphones you will know that both Vivo and Oppo are of close ties, they’re owned by the same parent company BKK electronics.

And to be fair, Oppo and Vivo do operate almost and completely separately, such that, they have their own individual PR teams, they have their own marketing teams and there are separate people developing software for them.

The software experience is quite different between these two but in terms of hardware, they’re always very similar because they share the same production lines. So in terms of making phones, they probably come out of the same building and that’s why they share a lot, techwise, with Oneplus.

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Oppo F11 Pro Vs Vivo V15 Pro Camera And Screen.

So the 48-megapixel main camera in both of these phones are exactly the same, they are 48-megapixel sensors with an F/1.8 aperture, the secondary def sensor is exactly the same too – it is a 5-megapixel def sensor. The big difference is that the Vivo V15 pro also has a wide-angle lens whereas Oppo F11 Pro does not.

This time around Oppo decided to go over a slightly larger screen even though the difference between the screen size of the two phones is very minor, that is, 6.4-inches to 6.5-inches but that difference really shows when you’re watching full-screen media like on Instagram stories which is one of the best ways to look at a screen.

The displays of both Oppo F11 Pro and Vivo V15 Pro are completely uninterrupted with no notch, the Instagram stories fill up the entire screen unlike on phones with a notch or even the Samsung Galaxy S10+
because of the hole-punch camera, it does not show stories all the way to the top.


Stories cut off at the top on the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus compared to on a notch-less device like the Oppo F11 Pro. That’s what I love about these type of screens you take advantage of the entire canvas.


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Oppo F11 Pro and Vivo V15 Pro Camera Software.

Oppo has changed up it software interface so now it looks a little bit different, they no longer look like the exact same software used in Oppo R11 pro but for the most part, the performance is very similar.

The Oppo camera software is a little bit better and it’s more simplified. If you look at Vivo software, it’s a little a bit all over the place and overwhelming especially if you’re not a tech geek.

If you were to give the Vivo V15 pro to like my mom, she might be like why are there so many buttons like she doesn’t know what they do and you have to swipe like five times over just to find anything. So I prefer Oppo camera software, it’s simple and it’s clean.

Overall, the camera software of the Oppo F11 Pro has the upper hand. So the selfie camera is pretty decent, a 16 megapixel selfie camera – compared to the Vivo V15 pro which has a 32 megapixels selfie camera but again I guess if you really like taking selfies and printing them out maybe you need 32 MP but for me personally I don’t care about the 32 megapixels selfie camera I think the 16 MP is more than good enough I’ve absolutely no issue with Oppo F11 Pro selfie camera.

It tracks your face very accurately, you can also do the portrait depth of field blur which blurs the background and then you have a beauty mode which should be pretty comprehensive. You can also do a 3D scan.

Let’s talk about the main sensor. It’s a 48-megapixel sensor but just like the Vivo V15 Pro, it’s not meant for you to shoot at 48 megapixels. Most of the time you’re better off shooting a 12 megapixel at which point the camera software will do a process called Pixel binning which combines four pixels worth from the image information to one, so you get a more vibrant image that’s a little bit cleaner than usual and just kind of gets a lot more details.

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If you do want to shoot for the area pixel, you just have to jump into settings, go into photo ratio and you can choose 4.3 ultra HD which is 48 MP but when you’re shooting this you see that you cannot zoom, you cannot do beauty mode, night mode and all that.

Some photos samples really quick.

F11 Pro(left) vs Vivo V15 Pro(Right)

You will notice Oppo’s image is a little bit warmer compared to Vivo’s image but it really comes down to preference in terms of details they’re both very excellent shots.

Oppo F11 Pro VS Vivo V15 pro Display

Now the Oppo F11 Pro display looks great and it’s great under general use but the Vivo v15 pro displays a little
bit better because it is an OLED display. You’re not going to notice much difference when you’re looking at just general home screens with bright colours but OLED displays are better at pumping up blacks.

Oppo F11 Pro(left) vs Vivo V15 Pro(right)

You will notice that the black on the OLED display of the Vivo V15 Pro on the right is just a lot more immersive, it’s completely black whereas the black on the Oppo F11 Pro panel it’s not really deep black.

It’s like a little bit grey, so if you’re someone that likes to use deep black wallpapers or just watch movies that are very dark, maybe you know, like the Batman movies the OLED display will look a little bit better but overall not much complains about this display.

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Oppo F11 Pro Vs Vivo V15 Pro Specs.

In terms of specs they differ slightly too, the Oppo F11 Pro runs on an Helio P70 chipset compared to the Snapdragon 675 found in the Vivo device. The SnapDragon 675 is a little bit more powerful than the Helio P70 but it is still more than good enough to handle just about everything.

But just to show you benchmark numbers, you see that the Snapdragon device did score a little bit higher from 6501 to 5990 and then 2390 to 1561 but again these are just numbers. But when you go on Instagram, watching YouTube, watching Netflix, playing basic games you’re not going to see much difference between the Snapdragon 675 and the Helio P70.

Oppo F11 Pro
Oppo F11 Pro vs Vivo V15 Pro processor benchmark

The Vivo V15 Pro has an in-display fingerprint reader whereas on the Oppo F11 Pro you only have a traditional fingerprint sensor on the back. Otherwise, the build quality construction is very similar. Both phones have a headphone jack, on Vivo V15 Pro the headphone jack is located on the top whereas the Oppo F11 Pro has a phone jack on the bottom.

But unfortunately, the Oppo F11 Pro just like the Vivo V15 Pro and the realme 3 uses micro USB port so you have to charge the device via micro USB. But to Oppo credit, this device can charge very fast because it supports Oppo super VOOC charge which is basically like the same fast charging technology.

It means the Oppo F11 Pro can top up basically from zero to 35% in like 10 minutes and when you charge the phone for like 20 minutes to 25 minutes it will basically go up to like 80%.

There’s a 4000maH battery inside the Oppo F11 Pro which is a little bit smaller than the battery inside the realme 3 so battery life isn’t as good as that but overall you’re not gonna have
endurance palm with this phone as it’s gonna last you all day.

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You have to give Oppo credit because in the past they have been criticized about their software which wasn’t good and they’ve really improved on it, first you get Android 9 which is a big win because some LG and some Samsung phones are still running on Android 8.

The overall aesthetic of the software looks a lot cleaner and you get an app tray now. The app drawer which is awesome that’s something we’ve always been asking for which allows you to search for apps. You have to
swipe menu from the sides that allows you to shortcuts, grab a screenshot immediately.

It’s very useful so you swipe down from the top to bring down the notification shade and you see the redesign shortcut toggle icons. They’re big, bold and they really pop off the screen and it’s now easy for you to see what you need to do, like launch a calculator right away and you can customize the grid too if you want.

Oppo F11 Pro
Oppo f11 Pro notification shade.

Also, all the little shortcomings that previous Chinese software skin will pop up have been fixed. Now if you listen to Spotify, for example, you have a lock screen music widget which you didn’t have before.

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Going back to the comparison thing, Oppo color OS is a heck lot better than Vivo’s fun touch software. On the fun touch, you have to swipe down from the bottom to get the control panel and when you swipe from the top you only get notification you don’t get any shortcut toggles, the Oppo Color OS is just a lot better and you have an app tray, you don’t have an app tray on the Vivo device.


After all this, you might be asking yourself so which phone is better, it’s tough to say because they sell at different prices. The Vivo V15 Pro sells atĀ  US$410, the Oppo F11 Pro sells about US$350 so it’s a $60 difference.

Now what do you get extra for that $60 on a Vivo device you get an OLED screen that’s a little bit
better, you get an in-display fingerprint reader which some people will like. But I think the biggest addition here really it’s the wide-angle lens.

On the Vivo V15 pro device, you can tap a wide and you merely have a wide-angle camera whereas on the Oppo device you don’t have that option, you only get one for calling I mean you can zoom but it is a digital zoom, not a telephoto lens.

So it really comes down to do you want that wide-angle lens? If you like to have a wide-angle lens then
you’ll probably want to get to the Vivo V15 pro but if it doesn’t matter to you then the Oppo F11
Pro is $60 cheaper and you might be better off saving 60 bucks.

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