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Iphone VS Android: 9 things iPhone does better than Android.

Now both the iPhone and Android are incredibly advanced these days, but I got nine reasons why you might want to pick up an iPhone over an Android here in 2019.

1)  Apple care and customer support.


If you’re going to be buying a phone that’s close to $1000 or if you’re going to be buying a pretty pricey iPhone then you will need superb customer care.  The Apple Care Support System is perfect for those of you that break your phones or you need help with them. The customer service is unmatched, and this is one reason why I think that the iPhone is better even in 2019.

Although Android hardware has caught up to the iPhone in my personal opinion, the support just cannot be beaten though. At Apple, you could go into a store like the Genius Bar; if you have any issues, it will be rectified, so that’s one of the significant wins for Apple in the iPhone vs Android battle here in 2019.

2)  The cleaner experience out of the box. 

The iPhone comes with a cleaner experience out of the box, it’s got very minimal apps, and you can pretty much delete a lot of the apps and take them off your home screen altogether.

So the iPhone is for somebody who’s looking for a device just out of the box, ready to go, very simple and clean. The Apple iPhone doesn’t come with a lot of junk apps, especially if you get a carrier-branded phone.

Carrier branded phone such as the S8 does have junk apps on them that you have to hide or disabled no issues here with the iPhone on that.


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3) Encryption insecurity.

When you look at both devices, the iPhone is a more secure phone than the Android phone.

Now I’m not saying that it has more privacy features in terms of related security past lock codes, we know some Android phones have face unlock now, iris scanners, as well as many different combinations to get into your phone. A lot of phones do have fingerprint scanners.

But I’m talking about the security measures like those from Apple, not just the on-device features. The iPhone is a little bit more secure, and Android is more prone to malware, so if you want a safer, more private device for your files to be protected, the iPhone is the only way to go right now.

4) The 3D touch system.

We still haven’t seen an Android phone implement this the same way Apple has. It does make things a lot more convenient, and this is what you can use all the time. On 3D touch, you can quickly go to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular data, battery.

Now once you start using 3D touch, it’s tough to go back to a phone that doesn’t use a 3D touch user interface, so 3D touch is a win over the Android.

Now Android has had long presses for a long time, but they don’t do much, you can move icons around and some phones you can press up, and it’s going to show you uninstall and stuff like that, but it doesn’t do what much other than that.

Whereas on 3D touch, applications can be developed to support this even more. So when developers get on board in the future we’ll have even more apps to help 3D touch and to be honest it’s a convenient feature over here for the iPhone.

Watch Demo below


5) iPhone vs Android: The thinking abilities between other devices.

Let’s say if you got something like an iPad, for example, or you have a MacBook. Your devices work incredibly almost perfect in between each other, that is, using an Apple iPhone and an iPad or an iPhone and a Mac and things like that altogether.

It’s there’s no Android that goes between the windows computer in the same way that it does between the iPhone and the MacBook, I mean it’s well optimising, and the syncing experience cannot be beaten.

Now I’m not trying to sound Apple bias here, but this is just a fact of the matter like using these phones, they only work perfectly with the Mac and my experience with Windows Phone and windows computer is not just the same.

6) Support for older devices.

Take, for example, the iPhone SE is going on a couple of years old now, and this device is going to be supported for a long time.

The iPhone SE

Apple keeps its older devices supported for a long time, take the older 6s Plus for example, it is going to be two years old now, and it’s going to get the latest iOS that shows you Apple does care about their older customers people that bought stuff from them a couple of years ago.

Whereas you’re going to get like two years of updates on Android and goodbye after that. So definitely an advantage to Apple of keeping their phones updated for a very long time.

7) The consistency of the experience.

It doesn’t matter whether you buy a giant iPhone or a small iPhone, it’s the same experience across the board, even iOS on iPads is pretty much the same experience, and that lends to making this device a little bit easier if you’re going to upgrade, it’s not complicated, and you’re not like “oh I got to learn how to use these new Android phones, learn new software” no it’s pretty much the same consistent experience across the board.

That consistency is a crucial factor as to why people stick with the Apple device because we got busy lives and we don’t get time to be learning new software all of the time so definitely more consistent.


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You can see for example on the Moto G5+ while very similar to the Oneplus 3T, you will see somebody who doesn’t know Android is going to be like why are those different colours, they’re just a little bit different, I got to hit this to open these apps on this phone and I got to hit another button  to open these apps on this.

It’s just a different experience on Android where you have to do more things; you have to learn more stuff on Android. In the case of Apple, it’s more consistent over here; you know what you’re doing if you have ever used an iPhone before.

8) iPhone vs Android: Fewer choices.

In the sense that, you have fewer choices of iPhones, which makes it easier to decide which iPhone you want.

This option has changed a little bit over the years now. We have quite a few options between the 6S and the 6S Plus, the iPhone SE and the iPhone 7+. But you know Android has thousands of devices so I mean it could take you all day, could even take you weeks to decide which Android phone you want.

Whereas in the case of Apple, you pretty much know okay I want an iPhone, I just need to figure out the size and configuration that I want for my iPhone, and that really comes down to the size, you got the SE, you got the small iPhone 7 and you got the 6s plus.

But over here on Android, you could be deciding for days, in the sense that, do I want a budget phone?, do I want a premium Android phone?, do I want a flagship phone?, or do I want a flagship killer phone like the Samsung Galaxy S10?, do I want to stock Android?, do I want TouchWiz, do I want LG’s interface, do I want a cheap Chinese phone like there’s going to be a million choices when deciding to pick up an Android phone

9) Apple pay setup.

While the Apple pay setup doesn’t support more physical locations that phone like Samsung does, and the Android pay does work pretty well for Google, Apple pay is available across the web too, which is a lot handier.


I think that is better than physical locations because there’s a lot of people buying things online today and the ability to pay for stuff in-store, online and on your Mac or your iPhone, that’s pretty awesome in comparison to just being able to use your phone to make payments physically.

If you have it set up on your Apple devices everywhere, you can pay for stuff everywhere, and that’s very convenient, and that’s why I think Apple pay is the thing that iPhone still does better than Android here in 2019 those are nine things that iPhone does better than Android.

Comment your thoughts down below why do you think the iPhone is better than Android, why do you think Android is better than iPhone. Let’s talk about that which one you think is going to go forward with a little bit better-augmented reality. Let’s hear about that as well as your comment, your questions, concerns and feedback.


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