Top 5 Foldable Smartphones Expected In 2019.




It’s no longer news, even if what you do online is basically Nickelodeon related kinds of stuff, that smartphones are ushering into a new era. The era of foldable smartphones is no longer in doubt and we only have to wait till 2019 to witness them. Already a relatively unknown company released a foldable smartphone, probably just to have the record as the first company to do so.

The smartphones major players in the category of Samsung, LG, Huawei, Motorola, and Apple will pioneer the true era of foldable smartphones. Also, don’t expect these smartphones to come cheap as there is already speculation that the Samsung foldable phone could cost up to $2500. It is only a matter of time before we know whether they are worth it or not.

Top Foldable Smartphones To Expect In 2019

1) Samsung Galaxy X


This is one of the most exciting and highly anticipated foldable phones. For starters, it will feature three screens instead of two. The front screen will sport a 3.5-inch screen and it becomes 7-inch when folded. The rear screen will sport 3.5-inch as well that allows it to be viewed even when folded down. Notable as well is the fact that the device will be able to run three apps at once due to the OneUI interface.

The Galaxy X is most likely to be a gaming phone and it may also be available in limited quantities and most expensive smartphone ever by Samsung.

Samsung is set to release the phone in early 2019 probably at CES in January or at the Mobile World Congress in February.

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2) Huawei Foldable Smartphone.

One of the frontrunners of the flexible smartphone in the industry. In October 2017, Huawei CEO, Richard Yu announced the company was working on a prototype of a foldable smartphone. Fast forward to March 2018, pictures of the prototype emerged online.

The smartphone will feature a 5G connection and a full 5-inch screen on the front and a bezelless 8-inch screen outside. Huawei plans is to make it so powerful it will replace a PC.

Unlike its Samsung counterpart, there is no speculation of the price online at the moment. But there is also report that Huawei will produce its foldable smartphone in limited quantity. The smartphone is also expected in the first half of 2019.

3) Motorola Razr.

The Motorola flexible device will go in direct competition with the Huawei and Samsung foldable smartphones when it enters the market next year. The speculation of Motorola building a foldable device started in 2017 when the CEO of Lenovo( the company which owns Motorola) said in a chat with TechRadar.

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The making of a foldable smartphone could be a form of a revival to the Motorola Razr which first came out in 2004. The Razr was released to a massive success but despite new updates, the world moved to larger-screened phones in 2007 and since then the Motorola Razr has not received any update.

According to the patent filed by Motorola, the foldable Motorola Razr will feature large foldable touchscreen which will take the size of a regular smartphone when folded. it also details the device to have two cameras, top, bottom and middle hinges as well as the ability to be propped up into a tent-like display mode.

The thought of a new foldable Motorola Razr with premium specs is appealing.

4) LG foldable smartphone


LG pioneered the flexible screen in the smartphone industry with the G Flex and G Flex 2. The LG foldable smartphone will be live at the CES technology event next year which will hold in Las Vegas. According to digital trends, the smartphone could be called the LG Flex, LG Foldi or LG Duplex as well as the LG Bendi.

LG got it patent for flexible smartphones approved in late 2017 by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The device will likely fold the same way the Samsung foldable device does, which is horizontal.

There are also reports that LG will supply Lenovo and Dell its foldable OLED panels for making of flexible tablets. Just to point out, it is technically more difficult to make a flexible tablet compared to making a small-sized smartphone panel.

The cost is unknown but LG’s head of global corporate communications added that “Anything is possible at CES”. The CES commences on January 8, 2019.

5) Apple Foldable Smartphone

Foldable iPhones are not likely to be launched in 2019. Although Apple already filed a patent for “Electonic Devices With Flexible Displays”. The patent shows that foldable iPhone could have two different bends “modes”. The first mode would allow users to use the device in an open and close manner like a book and the second mode would open the way notepad does.

Also, as opposed to the all iPhone series which features the LCD screens. The foldable iPhones will sport the OLED screens. Samsung is reportedly working with AMOLED, a type of OLED screen with a faster refresh. A step Apple could as well take.

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