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25 Mind-Blowing Facts About Smartphones.

We have to admit it, smartphones have come a long way to probably displace dogs to become man’s best friend.
Smartphones started a little over a decade and have replaced virtually all other everyday electronic gadgets from calculators, watch, cameras.

How could we possibly live without them? But do you know there are little things which may surprise you to know about these little gadgets we put at our arm’s length on a daily basis? These are not technology myths but facts read on to learn more about them.

1) The very well known scientist Nikola Tesla predicted the modern smartphone in 1926. He also predicted globalized wireless communication eight decades before it came to fruition.

2) You can actually charge your smartphones with your urine.

3) An engineer of Motorola, Martin Cooper made the first mobile cell on April 3 1973, from the streets of New York.

4) In Britain only, more than 100,000 mobile phones are dropped into the toilet yearly.

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5) The current smartphone you are probably using to view this has more computing power than all the computers used in the Apollo 11 mission. In case you don’t know, Apollo 11 was the mission that sent the first man (Neil Armstrong) to the moon.

6) The very first device to market as a smartphone was the Sony R830 developed by Ericsson in the year 2000.

7) Do you download apps on a regular basis? If yes, then you are excluded from 65% of smartphone users who download zero apps per month.

8)If you are an Android fanboy then you need to read this, most smartphones malware are targetted at Android-based phones. A whopping 99% of malware attacks to be more specific.

9) In a survey conducted by pewinternet.org in 2015, it was discovered that 47% of millennials agreed to use their smartphones with the sole intention of avoiding people around them.


10) What is your highest phone bill for a month ever? You have definitely got a long way to beat Celina Aarons. Celina Aarons, a Florida based woman, was billed $201,000 in a single month in 2011.

11) No doubt, you must have at a time of your life read about the scary stories on how your phone waves damage your brain cells. Well, there is a name for such fear, it is Frigensophobia.

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12) Still speaking of phone phobia, an article from psychology today revealed that 47% of women and 58% of men suffer from Nomophobia. Nomophobia is the fear of being without your smartphone. How wonderful

13) Almost 20% of Americans admit to using smartphones during sex.

14) The IP code rating system that helps to determine a phone’s waterproof level has been around for decades before smartphones. It was used by electricians to understand the resistance of water or ice penetration in any situation.

15) Remember China’s Apple due to the resemblance to Apple products in design, elegance and minimalism? Yes, Xiaomi. The name Xiaomi means Millet and Rice, a reference to a Buddhist concept, which means Xiaomi wants to start from little before heading for the top. That’s is actually good life advice though.

16) Still, on Xiaomi matters, the company sold 15,000 Mi3 in TWO seconds. Yes, two seconds. We don’t know why but we attribute that to the fact that the Mi3 was considered the fastest smartphone in the world then.

17) Bluetooth, the ancient file transfer king, got its name from the wrong translation of 10th century Norwegian King- Harald Blatand- His name was wrongly translated into English as Harald Bluetooth. Funny enough, the Bluetooth logo combines the Hagall and Berkana runes which stand for King Harald’s initials.

18) In the year 2000, Finland started an annual international sport which involves participants throwing mobile phones and are judged on the distance covered. The current record stands at 97 meters for men and 40 meters for women.

19) Samsung actually makes more money from its arch-rival Apple than it makes from its mobile phones.20) The average user unlocks their smartphone 110 times every day.

21) In reference to fact 12, a new study claims that an average smartphone user will touch their smartphones over 2,600 times daily while the heavy users touch theirs over 5400 times. To put that into that in perspective, that is 225 times per hour and 3.75 times every minute.

22) There are currently over seven billion people in the world. Of these population, an estimated 3.7 billion own a mobile phone. That certainly won’t wow you until you realise that only 3.5 billion own a toothbrush.

23) With a worth of over 300 billion dollars, smartphones are the fastest growing industry in history.

24) By definition, your smartphone is actually a PC.

25) Debates are inevitable among friends and that is why over 60% of people between age 18-28 settle their debates by looking for the correct answer on their smartphones.

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