Huawei’s First Foldable Smartphone Is Coming In 2019


The battle of foldable smartphones is really hitting if the latest news from the Chinese phone maker HUAWEI is anything to by.

Image source: news4c

HUAWEI is promising to go head to head with Samsung to produce foldable smartphones in 2019.

Speaking to German news outlet Die Welt, Huawei Boss Richard Yu made it known that a Huawei fordable smartphone that will replace traditional laptops will be produced next year,

Yu explained “Why are you still using a computer? Probably because the smartphone display is too small for you. We will change that. It is conceivable that can be folded out.” he said at the interview.

He furthered said, “We are already working on it, You will not even have to wait another year.”

Recall that Samsung has announced a few weeks ago that it will be releasing its first foldable smartphones next year which has been rumoured to make its first appearance at next year’s CES in January.

Folding displays have the capability of transforming a cell phone into a bigger gadget, just by opening the screen to its biggest size. This will basically change your smartphone into a tablet. You will then have the freedom to fold it up again and fit it in your pocket.

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