Revealed:The $453 Cost Analysis of Iphone Xs Max.


In early September 2018, Apple released a trio of new smartphones. The iPhone Xs which costs $999, iPhone Xr which costs $749 and the iPhone Xs Max which broke the thousand dollar barrier and cost a hefty $1,099. The iPhone Xs Max is the biggest Phone ever released by Apple in terms of size and price.

The iPhone Xs Max has gone under the microscope by a study to reveal what it cost in parts. The study reveals unseen features not detailed by Apple in the unveiling event.

A Canada based chip analysis company, TechInsights, and the repair firm iFixit has done the teardown of the iPhone Xs Max and their study estimates the components cost of the iPhone Xs Max to cost $453.

As usual, TechInsights has done several teardowns of flagship phones to reveal how much it cost to build them but the latest teardown is on iPhone Xs Max arguably the most talked about the phone right now. The cost analysis done by the same firm last year found that Apple will be set back by $395.44 to produce a 64-gigabyte iPhone X.

Currently, the 256-gigabyte iPhone Xs Max sells for $1,249 in the US. The analysis by TechInsights found that the costliest part of the iPhone Xs Max to be $90.50 which is the 6.5-inch display that uses OLED technology. An upgrade to the last year’s 5.8-inch iPhone X display which cost $77.27.

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Applications Processor/Modems         $72.00
Battery                                                       $9.00
Connectivity & Sensors                          $18.00
Cameras                                                     $44.00
Display                                                       $90.50
Memory                                                      $64.50
Mixed Signal/RF                                      $23.00
Power Management/Audio                   $14.50
Other Electronics                                     $35.00
Mechanicals/Housings                          $58.00
Test/Assembly/Supporting Materials $24.50
Total                                                          $453.00   

source: TechInsights

While speaking to Reuters in an interview, Al Cowsky the head of cost analysis at TechInsights said, “What they took out adds up to about $10 so this $80 estimate would have been about $90”.
Also, Bob O’Donnell of TECHnalysis Research suggested Apple made the right decision to focus on delivering a larger-screened model this year economically.’For a certain group of people, the whole thing is about the screen. It’s driving the whole experience and it’s what is making people excited about using the phone’ Bob said.

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