Amazing Smartphones Accessories You Should Be Using.


We all love accessories. Don’t we? Our smartphones are lovers of accessories as well.

That’s why manufacturers are making more and more accessories every day. But how do you pick the right one for your device from the millions of accessories available for your use?
Worry no more, this post will show some of the best mobile accessories you should be using to add to the beauty, convenience, and effectiveness of your smartphone.

You can extend the functionality of your devices with these accessories and get things done better and faster


1) JETech Battery Free Selfie Stick


This is for those that are not camera shy and the snapshot lovers. You no longer have to subject your hands to unnecessary strain to capture those beautiful moments in your selfie or bothfie.
You have the JETech Battery Free Selfie Stick to thanks for that, as it enables you to capture and record every moment in a bigger picture with the click of a button.

All you need to do is to download “Camera 360” app. It is compatible with both Android and IOS smartphones. JETech selfie stick securely clamps your phone tightly and allowing random rotation of shooting angle.As the name implies, battery-free, simply plug to the 3.5mm audio cable and capture every moment. It extends up to 28.7 inches making the perfect fit for capturing group pictures as well as panoramas.

2) Skiva 84W 7-Port USB Charging Station


No doubt, most household wall chargers come with the one USB port. Although that allows for simplicity as it is just you, your phone and the charger rocking the world.

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But what happens when you have multiple devices – smartphones
, power banks, MP3 player, cameras, Bluetooth headphones- and you need to charge them at once. That’s exactly when the Skiva 84W 7-Port USB Charging Station comes in handy. Yes, it comes with a total of 7 USB-A ports on the charging station.

Skiva 84W 7-Port USB Charging Station weighs about 1.4 Ounces and a length and width of 7.5 inches & 5.5 inches respectively with 0.75 inch spacing between each charging port.

It has impressive charging juice with each port having an output of 5V/2.4A and with the press of a button, you are ready to power up all your devices.

3) UE Boom 2- Bluetooth speaker


No jokes here, the UE(Ultimate Ears) Boom 2 is still booming with 15 hours of playback, brilliant display, waterproof and more robust feature set. UE Boom 2 is, without doubt, an improvement to its predecessor UE Boom.

UE Boom sound is omnidirectional, that is, it emits sound equally good in all directions.

It comes in 10 colours, while the volume up and volume down button are visibly the biggest buttons. It has remarkably simple controls, though this time the makers-UE- omitted the Bluetooth logo. The robust feature set will require the UE Boom app to unlock them. You can also use the app to set alarms.

Impressively, the UE Boom 2 has a feature that allows two people, of course nearby, to connect to it through Bluetooth and play music. However, the owner has the authority to kick any of the wannabes DJ if their music is not up to his taste.

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4) RAVPower Dual-Port Car Charger


While it is not safe to press your while driving, it is well okay to pass some juice to your phone through your car while driving. Investing in a car charger will be a great idea. RAVPower dual-port charger is a good one to start with, a dual-port with 2.4A outputs each.

Do you think you have heard all? Think again, the dual-Port Car Charger is smart enough to adjust voltage coming from the vehicle to deliver a consistent a charge and you get all these for less than $10 dollar.

But to imagine that car chargers are solely for car owners is wrong. Having one handy can be crucial at any time not only for the sake of your phone but those weird moments you have when the power of your phone is completely down. Your Uber or Lyft driver should be kind enough to allow you to charge your phones.

5) Anker PowerCore 20,100 Power Bank


From the company that ships out probably the best portable chargers, Anker provides us with the massive 20,100mAh power bank to have phones and tablets charged all day. As at the time of writing this, it has 12,404 reviews on Amazon with 4.6 rating. Trust me, not many products can beat that.

PowerCore Power Bank has a long, narrow and slim design making it very portable, smaller than most power banks and a good quality build.

It comes with high-speed charging if your devices use PowerIQ or Voltage boost. The power bank also recharges in less than 5hours.
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6) 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone.


Three drivers, yes instead of using the conventional one driver to do all the work, 1More, a San Diego based company, uses two balanced armature and a separate dynamic driver making it three drivers to do all the heavy lifting.

The headphones work well with both IOS and Android with a three-button remote, something not very common with headphones, the sound quality of 1More is a standout quality, excellent design and creating a nice seal to help seal out the noise.

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