How To Set Password For Your Chrome Browser



Without any doubt, the Chrome browser is the most popular web browser used by nearly all internet users for browsing and it comes with few tricks up its sleeve.

This post will show you one of those tricks which is how to protect your chrome browser with a password to safeguard your documents and data.

Now you may be wondering if that is even possible. well, we will soon find out.

Follow the outlined steps carefully to protect your chrome browser with a password.

1) Make sure you are using the latest Chrome browser on your computer, check your chrome version here to know whether to update or not.

2) Now, head to the chrome web store and look for the chrome extension “Set Password for your browser” or simply find it here and install it on your chrome.


3) The extension will begin installing to your chrome browser, after installation it will ask you to set your password. Enter the password of your choice to set on the browser and click the save button

4)  And that’s it. You are done, now every time you put your browser to work, it will request for the password to prevent any unauthorized person from accessing it.

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