6 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions In 2019.


The Chrome browser is the most used browser that enables internet users to communicate with the web. But most people are not aware of the additional features that come with the browser such as Chrome extensions for better user experience.

The chrome extensions web store is full of a massive list of add-ons and it can be quite overwhelming to figure out which extensions to install and use. These carefully handpicked Google Chrome extensions are definitely going to make a difference to your internet browsing. Give them a try.

1. Https Everywhere


Https everywhere is a simple chrome add-on that encrypts your communication with sites and makes your browsing more secure and provides some forms of censorship. With this in mind, the extension automatically helps you to switch from the insecure HTTP to the secure HTTPS.

In essence, an encrypted connection (HTTPS) protects you from malicious sites and protects you from possible attacks of harvested data.

If you ever feel the need to always be on an encrypted connection, download the https everywhere which is used by nearly two million chrome users already.
. Download Https Everywhere.

2. Just Not Sorry


 Just Not Sorry is a google chrome extension specifically designed as a Gmail plugin.

In other words, this chrome extension “Just Not Sorry” is a Gmail plug-in that cautions you when you use words, for example, “just,” “I’m sorry,” “I think,” “Does that make sense?” “I’m no expert,”— words or expressions that serve to undermine your power and limit your abilities and information. They are softening words, and seems like words that you depend on to make you sound a cooperative person, what you’re really doing is undermining your voice and skill.

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Well, sometimes saying sorry is not a bad idea but the mistake of repeating too often can turn you into a pushover.

. Download Just Not Sorry.

3. Speedtest By Ookla.

Developed by Ookla, whose flagship product is Speedtest, a global internet metric which prides itself on “The definitive source for Global Internet Metrics”.

Speedtest by Ookla gives you the analysis of the ping, download and upload speed of your internet connection. In addition, it also measures how fast websites load. However, let it be known that the chrome extension does not in any way improve the speed of your internet connection.

In all in, this is what Wikipedia has to say about speedtest. “The service measures the bandwidth(speed) and latency of a visitor’s Internet connection against one of 4,759 geographically dispersed servers located around the world.”

. Download Speedtest By Ookla.


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4. Data Saver.

This chrome extension works such that, it works with Google server -no better server to work with- to save your data. By enabling this add-on, Chrome will use Google servers to compress the pages you visit before downloading them. That is, it reduces the amount of data your device downloads to load web pages.

In other words, the data saver compresses pages and results in less data consumption and they display pages faster. However, it is imperative to note that pages accessed using private connections(HTTPS) or incognito mode will not be optimized or seen by data saver.

.Download Data Saver

5. LastPass.


LastPass is a chrome extension password manager that saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile devices.

A secure password is a very important part of staying safe online but some passwords can be sometimes difficult to remember.

The extension helps you to save all your logins password to one place all you have to do is to remember one master password -your LastPass password- to keep other logins details in one place.

Also, LastPass autologin to your sites and sync your passwords everywhere you need them. Unlike other password managers, LastPass offers password hint, allowing access when the master password is missing.

On the whole, LastPass saves you the trouble that comes with clicking on “Forget Password” every now and then.

Download LastPass

6. Click&Clean


Have you ever felt like your online activities are being monitored by third parties for targeted advertisements, do you feel the need to delete your browsing history from a website?

Worry no more, this chrome extension is the solution to those troubles. Click and Clean, a brainchild of  BrowserNative, is a powerful extension that erases your online activities which includes -but not limited to- download history, cached files, websites file system. All in one click.

Click and clean also comes with a keyboard shortcut command, a simple one at that, Ctrl + Shift + E which is as well as effective as the single click function.

.Download Click and Clean

Let this list be the beginning of a healthy conversation and not the final word. So let us know which extension do you feel should be on the list or which extension is your favourite. Tell us about it in the comment section

Image Credit: Chrome web store

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